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Whilst we receive funding from the pharmaceutical industry for the work we carry out, we are wholly independent of these commercial organisations, and that includes our decision making.

We have included below our current financial partnerships with pharmaceutical companies accompanied by the level of support provided:

  • Gilead - £25,000

  • Janssen - £15,000

  • Takeda - £15,000

  • Amgen - £5,000

Blood Cancer Alliance Industry Forum

The Blood Cancer Alliance is establishing a Blood Cancer Alliance Industry Forum. The forum will be a six monthly meeting of Blood Cancer Alliance members at which our industry partners will be invited to discuss the work of the Blood Cancer Alliance, the policy environment and future plans of the Alliance.

Non-confidential minutes from upcoming forum meetings will be available here.

Our position on working with the pharmaceutical industry

This policy sets out five clear principles which govern how we work with pharmaceutical companies.

It ensures our work with pharmaceutical companies does not affect our independence or our ability to achieve policy change on behalf of people with blood cancer.

The Blood Cancer Alliance recognises that working with pharmaceutical companies gives us valuable insight and expertise. Such companies are also willing to sponsor and fund certain activities undertaken by the Alliance, without which the Alliance would be less able to pursue its objectives.

However, pharmaceutical companies are not charitable organisations and as such the Alliance takes particular care in how it works with them.

The Alliance will adhere to the following principles when entering into partnerships with pharmaceutical companies:

  1. Integrity. All partnerships will bring benefit to people affected by blood cancer through funding and/or through supporting the Alliance to achieve its objectives. All partnerships between pharmaceutical companies and the Alliance will require consideration and approval by the membership in accordance with its Terms of Reference.

  2. Independence. Any partnership entered into will not compromise the independence of the Alliance. When working with partners with a commercial interest in blood cancer we will seek to work with a minimum of two partners in order to maintain independence and impartiality. We will ensure that our editorial independence is maintained so that we are free to comment both positively and negatively about pharmaceutical companies and their products.

  3. Collaboration. The Alliance will work with and engage with representatives of the pharmaceutical industry to share knowledge and expertise which may be leveraged for the benefit of people with blood cancer. This may involve the participation in pharmaceutical industry organised events such as private or public meetings.

  4. Patient-focused. The Alliance may, as part of its remit, initiate or support a campaign for equitable access to a particular treatment. This will, without exception, always be driven by a consideration of patient need. The Alliance will not accept any funding from a pharmaceutical company in exchange for such activity, nor will it accept funding when promotion of a specific drug is required or expected by the company, either explicitly or implicitly.

  5. Transparency. Any funding or joint activity must be compliant with the conditions of the ABPI Code of Practice for the Pharmaceutical Industry. Where a company is not a member of the ABPI we will require written assurances that any partnership work or support will be conducted to the ABPI Code of Practice. We will declare all financial partnerships with pharmaceutical companies through our website, including the total amount received from these companies.

Approved by members on 19th October 2018.