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There are around 240,000 people living with blood cancer in the UK.

Together, blood cancers are the fifth most common type of adult cancer, the most common cancer amongst children and the third most fatal cancer. Together, they claim more lives every year than breast or prostate cancer, however they remain widely unknown. Those living with one of these cancers face unique challenges whilst undergoing diagnosis, treatment and on-going care.

The Blood Cancer Alliance is a group of twelve UK charities. Together, we are working to tackle the issues blood cancer patients face, and improve the experience and outcomes of all those living with blood cancer.

We believe that effective engagement with policy makers is vital if we are to achieve that goal. To this end as an Alliance we are challenging policymakers to help enact our six calls to action:

  • Adopt improved mechanisms by which blood cancer patients’ needs can be factored into treatment appraisal processes, alongside better use of real-world clinical data.

  • Improve and expedite appraisal processes to ensure patients can access new and life-saving treatments as quickly as possible.

  • Create an overarching access policy in each UK health administration, which demonstrates commitment to delivering timely access to emerging new drugs and advanced therapies.

  • Close the diagnosis gap by delivering specific strategies for blood cancer as part of the NHS plans across the UK.

  • Incentivise a focus on blood cancer outcomes by ensuring each health administration in the UK measures and reports blood cancer data, and does so in terms of a single patient cohort before breaking down data by individual types of blood cancer.

  • Future provision of emotional, mental health and psychological support for people diagnosed with cancer must take account of the specific and complex needs of people with blood cancer.

The Blood Cancer Dashboard is going live on the 16th September. The Blood Cancer Dashboard was developed in collaboration between Janssen and the Blood Cancer Alliance. It is intended as a tool to support clinical leaders, commissioners, providers and Cancer Alliances to easily identify priority and potential improvement areas in their cancer services. This can be achieved by comparing relevant Cancer Alliance blood cancer data with national data as well as with other Cancer Alliances. It also allows users to compare blood cancer data with data on the other four most common cancers in the UK. The website can be found here.